Values and Ethics


That we undertake a level of creative uncertainty, acknowledging that the outcome of our pursuits might be risky!!


We value a growth mindset. We are in pursuit of creative excellence. Recognizing that through rehearsal and commitment to our craft we grow as artists and as a company.


That the company members take great pride and privilege to nurture our younger company members by holding respectful and appropriate boundaries in order to cultivate the best working relationship.


We believe that language is transformative and unlocks our humanity. Rhetoric and the power of language is an integral component to our aesthetic. We believe it leaves the pages and walls of academia and comes bursting forth as alive as we are. We believe that Shakespeare’s language is the fuel to self discovery.


We have a professional artistic aesthetic at our core. Focusing in all areas of design: scenic, costumes, lighting, sound and direction.

Working professionals guide our young company with hands on experience. Supporting proper skills, and enhancing the knowledge they may or may not have already gained in high school or college programs.

We hold a rigorous rehearsal process for the actors, focusing on a free and unrestrained voice, physically aligned and deft. Using a multitude of acting techniques to attain truth and bring us closer to quintessence in our performances.